Is this product scratch resistant?

Just like most cookware, how you use and care for the product will reduce scratches to the surface. If therecommended cooking utensils are used, it will minimize scratches to the surface. Toavoid scratching when storing,use clean dish towels or other padding if stacking.

What kind of cooking utensils are recommended to cook with your cookware?

Wooden, plastic, or silicone only.

What kind of coating is on the cookware?

All products are enamel coated in beige or black.

Does this have to be seasoned since this is cast iron?

Enameled cast iron cookware is different from traditional cast iron. It does not need to be seasoned, but the pan'srim(without enamel) may be exposed to some form of rust. If this occurs, simply use a paper towel to wipe cooking oilalongthe rim after cleaning and before putting it away.

Proper care instructions for the cookware?

Avoid using metal utensils if you're stirring, scraping, or working aggressively. Use the proper cooking utensils-wooden, plastic, or silicone. Neverpreheat your pot on the stovetop. Instead, always ensure food or liquid ingredientsare placed inside first prior to placing on direct heat. When using very high temperatures, stick to liquid based mealslike stews or soups. Avoid drastically changing cooking temperatures inside the pot. Just like glass, going from roomtemperature to scorching hot (or freezing cold) could cause cracking. HANDWASH ONLY. Dry completely beforestoring.

How do I clean it?

Unlike regular cast iron, enameled cast iron isrefreshingly easy to clean and care for. Cookware can be cleaned in yoursink just like your other dishes. Use dish soap, a sponge or soft brush to thoroughly wash, then let air out or towel dry.Soaking may be required. You can also fill with a little water and boil on stovetop to remove anything stubborn leftover foodsfrom the bottom of the surface.

What is your favorite piece and why?

My personal favorite is the 30cm Shallow Casserole Pan. Such a beautiful design and can really be used foranything. All of the pans in the set are versatilebut this one can be used for baking amazingcasseroles and breadsto frying and roasting. I really think this one will be a crowd favoriteas well.

How long have you been using cookware like this?

I was introduced to cast iron cookware when I was younger so I have been using regular cast iron for many years.I discovered enamel coated cast iron about 7 years ago and have loved it even more ever since.

Is this cookware microwave safe?

Absolutely not. It is made of metal.

Do I need to preheat the enamel coated pot before using?

NO! Never preheat your pot on the stovetop; instead, always ensure food or liquid ingredients are placed inside first priorto introducing direct heat.

Will my cookware experience chipping to the surface or handles?

Possibly. Enamel coating is a type of porcelain coating so any exposure to aggressive objects, being dropped, orbanged up against any hard surfaces could possibly result in chips to the coating itself.

Can the cookware be used on any stove top surface?

Yes. That is one of the main benefits of the cookware. IMPORTANT: Please avoid dragging the cookware whenplacing or removing it from the stovetop. It could result in scratching yourstove topsurface! Always lift to place andlift to remove.

My pot has stains. What should I do?

This is completely normal. With regular cast iron, the surface is black so the stains cannot be seen. With thesebeige enamel coated cookware, there is no way to avoid that from happening but it is super easy to reverse. Use 1/3cup of bleach (which is also a great sanitizer) and 2/3 cup of water and let soak to remove unwanted stains. Thismethod will not reverse scratches.

Can you broil with this cookware?

Enameled cast iron cookware is incredibly versatile. It works in the oven, on any style stovetop, and under abroiler.

Max temperature that can be used to cook?

Up to 500 degrees.

What is your Shipping Policy?

Shipping Policy

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Thermal shock is a problem that occurs when you wash or immerse hot enameled cast iron cookware in cold water. The sudden temperature change causes the material to shrink and expand rapidly. This results in cracks in the enamel, which can spread over time and cause irreversible damage to the cookware’s surface. To prevent thermal shock, gradually heat and cool your enameled cast iron cookware. Never take a pan from the fridge and place it directly into a hot oven, and never rinse a piping hot pan with cold water.

Cast iron cookware is all one piece, meaning the handles are cast in the same mold and connected seamlessly to the rest of the pan. Because of that, the handles are likely to be very hot during and after cooking. Always use pot holders or oven mitts when handling enameled cast iron pots and pans.